Window-Shopping for 2015 Health Plans

Potential Obamacare customers can peek at 2015 prices for the program’s health plans today after the government said it would release a “window-shopping” feature overnight. The preview feature, added to the government’s revamped website, is intended to ease pressure on the system by allowing curious consumers a look at prices for health plans a […]

Severe Respiratory Illness Hitting Children, More Families Covered

Federal health officials are asking physicians to watch for clusters of a rare and severe respiratory illness that is landing children in the hospital and hitting children with asthma particularly hard. The enterovirus D68, or EV-D68, has led to increases in pediatric ER visits, hospitalizations and intensive care-unit stays in Kansas City and Chicago, and […]

Hospital Systems Scaling Back Financial Assistance

Hospital systems around the country have started scaling back financial assistance for lower- and middle-income people without health insurance, hoping to push them into signing up for coverage through the new online marketplaces created under the Affordable Care Act. The trend is troubling to advocates for the uninsured, who say raising fees will inevitably cause […]