Small Business Tasked to Tally Employee’s Health-Care Costs

Small employers are facing an unexpectedly onerous task: tallying their individual employees’ monthly health-care costs. Starting in 2016, under the Affordable Care Act, employers with 50 or more full-time workers are required to file new tax forms laying out what individual employees are being charged for their employer-sponsored plans. The Internal Revenue Service released the […]

Small Businesses See Boom in 2015

Like other local business execs involved in construction, Andrew Musci expects the city’s ongoing building boom to continue to be a positive for him in 2015. “We are seeing more opportunities for work,” said Mr. Musci, CEO of Altel Systems Inc., a Brewster, N.Y.-based commercial integrator of audio and video systems that has worked on […]

No Stipends for Employees to Buy Health Insurance

Since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, many small businesses have been intrigued by the possibility that they might be able to stop dealing with health insurance entirely and instead offer their employees a stipend to go buy insurance on the individual exchanges. But in a clarification issued in early November, the federal government […]

The SHOP is Underperforming

The Washington Post (11/13, Harrison) reports that enrollment on the ACA’s new small-business health insurance marketplaces “has fallen well short of the administration’s expectations,” according to a Government Accountability Report released Thursday. The GAO examined enrollment totals for SHOP exchanges in the 18 states that built their own portals, finding that fewer than 12,000 small […]

Will Premiums Rise for Small Businesses?

Today we return to our series exploring lingering questions small-business owners have about the Affordable Care Act. Today’s question is a basic one: Will premiums for small businesses rise in 2015, and if so, how steeply? If you asked someone in the health insurance industry earlier this year — the executives at the insurance carriers […]