Getting Older, Sleeping Less

Insomnia is like a thief in the night, robbing millions — especially those older than 60 — of much-needed restorative sleep. As the king laments in Shakespeare’s “Henry IV, Part 2”: O sleep, O gentle sleep, Nature’s soft nurse, how have I frightened thee. That thou no more will weigh my eyelids down, And steep […]

The War On Work and Sleep

There are a lot of advantages to earning more money, but getting a good night’s sleep may not be one of them. It turns out that, in general, the more money people make, the less they sleep. That’s been true for decades in the United States, and in other countries as well. On average, adults […]

What Do You Know About Sleep?

Each year in the U.S., Sleep Awareness Week occurs in the first week of March, when Daylight Saving Time begins and most Americans lose an hour of sleep. The observance is a national public education and awareness campaign to promote the importance of sleep to one’s physical health, mental health and overall well-being. With lots […]