We’re Using Less Health Care, But Spending is on a Rise

If you went to the doctor less or used fewer prescription drugs last year, but were surprised to learn that your health-care spending still went up, you’re not alone. Spending per enrollee in employer-sponsored health plans—in other words, most Americans—grew an average of 3.9 percent in 2013, despite the fact that people were using less […]

CVS Health Prescription-Drug Plan Causing Controversy

On the front of its Business Day section, the Wall Street Journal  (10/21, B1, Silverman, Ziobro, Subscription Publication) reports that a CVS Health prescription-drug plan will charge patients up to $15 more for medications from pharmacies selling tobacco products. The city of Philadelphia, with around 5,400 nonunion employees, is the first to enlist in the […]

Predictive Health Analytics are Forecasting your Health Care Consumption

There may be a link between your Internet use and how often you end up in the emergency room. At least that’s one of the curious connections to emerge from a health care analysis project at the insurance division of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. U.P.M.C. is a $12 billion nonprofit enterprise that owns […]