Obamacare and drug prices push health spending to $3 trillion

Health spending reached $3 trillion last year, as millions of people gained insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act and prescription drug prices rose. After years of sluggish growth in the aftermath of the recession, annual health spending in the U.S. jumped 5.3 percent to $9,523 per person, according to an analysis by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services published in […]

Health spending growth rate surges to 5.3% under ACA

The Affordable Care Act expanded health coverage to millions of Americans in 2014. Because more people had insurance to pay for healthcare services, demand and spending predictably went up more quickly. But the important question for the future remains the same: Will healthcare be able to avoid large spending spikes and move to a more […]

A.D.H.D. Medicine May “Normalize” Children’s Brains

Dr. Mark Bertin is no A.D.H.D. pill-pusher. The Pleasantville, N.Y., developmental pediatrician won’t allow drug marketers in his office, and says he doesn’t always prescribe medication for children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Yet Dr. Bertin has recently changed the way he talks about medication, offering parents a powerful argument. Recent research, he says, […]

Possible Discrimination Practices Being Investigated

The New York Times   (12/23, A19, Pear, Subscription Publication) reports that the Obama Administration “said Monday that it would investigate prescription drug coverage and other benefits offered by health insurance companies to see if they discriminated against people with AIDS, mental illness, diabetes or other costly chronic conditions.” Officials said they had become aware […]