Out-Of-Network Protection In Emergencies

New protections against big surprise medical bills are starting in New York. Enacted last year, they require insurance payments for out-of-network medical treatment in emergencies, when similar services or specialists are unavailable within the insurer’s network or when care is provided without the patient’s knowledge. “The surprise bill is only in a situation where they couldn’t choose in […]

Tips You Should Know to Avoid Hefty Medical Bills

Jeffrey Craig Hopper is a probate attorney and Little League coach in Austin, Texas, so he knows all about following the rules. Still, accidents happen. Last June on the Little League field, an errant baseball smashed into his face. His wife, Jennifer, remembers rushing to the field. “His eye was swollen shut enough that we […]

Push for Consumer Protection from Out-of-Network Medical Bills

Benjamin M. Lawsky, Superintendent of Financial Services is urging New York State Legislatures to push a state budget protecting consumers for surprise out-of-network medical bills. Joined by consumer advocates, Superintendent Lawsky implores Legislators to protect New Yorkers who have done everything right and then are hit with a surprise bill that can run into the […]