Doctor Quality Data Unuseful to Consumers

Consumers searching this fall for the best doctor covered by their new public or private insurance plan won’t get very far on a federal database designed to rate physician quality. The Affordable Care Act requires the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to provide physician quality data, but that database offers only the most basic […]

Employers Adjusting Employee Benefits

Large businesses expect to pay between 4 and 5 percent more for health-care benefits for their employees in 2015 after making adjustments to their plans, according to employer surveys conducted this summer. Few employers plan to stop providing benefits with the advent of federal health insurance mandates, as some once feared, but a third say […]

More High-Deductible Plans to be Offered

Anita Maina was working on an arts and crafts project she found on Pinterest — creating a table out of wood and cork — when she ripped off a fingernail while removing staples from a piece of wood. “It is one of those things that really hurt, and I thought I should go to urgent […]

Long-Term Implications of ACA and Employers

While employers are continuing to feel the impact from a multitude of changing laws and regulations, worries about the Affordable Care Act have begun to subside, to some degree. But the jury is out on the long-term implications of the ACA, and the ways benefits managers will live up to its stipulations in coming years. […]

IRS Issues Penalties for Pre-Tax Money to Buy Individual Insurance

The IRS has issued an update on employer penalties, specifically citing employers offering pre-tax monies to their workers to purchase individual insurance. The IRS calls this an employer payment plan, and is viewed as a group health plan that does not meet the Affordable Care Act (ACA) rules. For example, employer payment plans do not […]

Happy National Employee Benefits Day

Today is National Employee Benefits Day. According to the Employee Benefits Research Institute, almost nine in ten people don’t think they’ll have enough saved when they get to retirement. Study after study provides data pointing to the same conclusion: A crisis is coming. Are your plan participants prepared for it? Learn more at the International Foundation […]