The Scoop of High-Deductible Health Plans

Got a high-deductible health plan? The kind that doesn’t pay most medical bills until they exceed several thousand dollars? You’re a foot soldier who’s been drafted in the war against high health costs. Companies that switch workers into high-deductible plans can reap enormous savings, consultants will tell you — and not just by making employees […]

High Deductible Plans on the Rise

A growing number of Americans are paying lower health insurance premiums in exchange for high deductibles, taking a gamble that saving money now won’t put them in a tough financial situation if they’re hit with high medical bills. As we enter open enrollment season, it’s important to at least consider these low-premium plans to determine […]

More High-Deductible Plans to be Offered

Anita Maina was working on an arts and crafts project she found on Pinterest — creating a table out of wood and cork — when she ripped off a fingernail while removing staples from a piece of wood. “It is one of those things that really hurt, and I thought I should go to urgent […]