Senators Propose Giving States Option to Keep Affordable Care Act

WASHINGTON — Several Republican senators on Monday proposed a partial replacement for the Affordable Care Act that would allow states to continue operating under the law if they choose, a proposal meant to appeal to critics and supporters of former President Barack Obama’s signature health law. But the plan was attacked by Democrats as a […]

Newest Policyholders Under Health Law Are Sicker and Costlier to Insurers

People newly insured under the Affordable Care Act were sicker, used more medical care and had higher medical costs than those who already had coverage, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association said Tuesday in a new study of its policyholders. Because insurers’ premiums have to cover their medical expenses, the new report helps explain […]

New York Market Shrinking While Others Increase

Contrary to the national reports, the New York market is shrinking as carriers exit the market due to their requested rate increases being denied by the review board. Several high-circulation outlets and beltway sources report the news of more insurers joining the marketplaces created under the Affordable Care Act. The news is seen as good […]

Young Adults Have Reduced Their ER Visits

Emergency department use slowed for young adults up to age 26 once they were allowed to stay on their parents’ health plans under the Affordable Care Act, according to new research. A new study from Stanford University researchers published Monday in the September issue of the journal Health Affairs showed young adults ages 19 to […]

Health Care Law to Reduce Employment

According to a new analysis by Congressional Budget Office,  people are scaling back how much they work and instead getting health coverage through the Affordable Care Act. To read more, click here. Jeffrey R. Ungvary President