Health Coverage Expansion Could be a Trade-Off for Care

One concern about the Affordable Care Act is that as more Americans get health insurance and start using it, those who already have coverage will have to wait longer for care. Recent research with a focus on Massachusetts suggests this may actually happen, but may not last long. Several years after the coverage expansion in […]

The SHOP Falls Short on Enrollments

Remember those “other” new Obamacare exchanges—the ones that small businesses were supposed to use to sign up workers for health insurance? Yeah, well, apparently a whole bunch of small businesses forgot about them, too. A new Government Accountability Office report finds that a stunningly low number of workers have enrolled in insurance plans sold on […]

Analyzing Health Coverage Across America

We know that about 10 million more people have insurance coverage this year as a result of the Affordable Care Act. But until now it has been difficult to say much about who was getting that coverage — where they live, their age, their income and other such details. Now a large set of data […]