Obamacare and The Individual Mandate Tax Dilemma

There are dozens of ways to escape Obamacare’s individual mandate tax — but good luck figuring that out come tax season. Tens of millions of Americans can avoid the fee if they qualify for exemptions like hardship or living in poverty, but the convoluted process has some experts worried individuals will be tripped up by […]

Court Rules: No Subsidies for Individuals for Health Insurance

A federal appeals court has ruled the Obama administration cannot subsidize insurance premiums for nearly 7 million Americans, dealing a serious blow to the Affordable Care Act (this does not impact state funded exchanges like New York and Connecticut). The ruling sets up an almost-certain appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Two judges with the D.C. […]

The Obama Adminstration Setting Standards for Health Plan Networks

The Obama administration and state insurance regulators are developing stricter standards to address the concerns of consumers who say that many health plans under the Affordable Care Act have unduly limited their choices of doctors and hospitals (mostly individual, not group plans), leaving them with unexpected medical bills. Carriers are looking to further stratify their […]

No Need to Visit HealthCare.gov to Renew Insurance

The Obama administration announced Thursday that most people would be able to renew subsidized health insurance coverage without filing an application and without going back to HealthCare.gov, the website that frustrated millions of consumers last fall. But some people will have to go into the marketplace again — if, for example, their income has changed […]

Five Million Uninsured People Gained Insurance Because of Obamacare

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, about 87% of people who signed up through federal health care exchanges were previously uninsured. Here’s how the percentage was determined: Of the 5.45 million people who signed up through the federal exchange, 5.18 million (or 95%) applied for financial assistance in their insurance plans. In […]

Tax Subsidies the New Challenge for Health Law

A new argument that may cause woes to Obamacare came to United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. The plaintiffs state the language in the Affordable Care Act makes subsidies available only to people who buy insurance through marketplaces established by states. Stuart F. Delery, an assistant attorney general, told the appeals court […]