The Wall Street Journal (6/25, A1, Mathews, Weaver, Subscription Publication) reports in a front-page story that an analysis of medical claims, conducted by Inovalon Inc., a health-technology firm, shows that people enrolled in new plans under the ACA have higher rates of serious health problems than other consumers, which according to insurers, could result in premium increases for many ACA plans next year.

Poll Shows ACA Contributing To A Decrease In Percentage Of Uninsured Americans. Politico (6/25, Wheaton) offers continuing coverage of the Gallup poll released Monday which revealed that “about 5 percent of Americans who were uninsured last year got coverage in 2014,” and, further, “more than half of those — about 2.8 percent of the population — obtained their plan through an Obamacare exchange.”

The Daily Caller (6/25, Bleau) continues, “of that number, seven of 10 said they got insurance because of the law, while the remainder said they were planning on getting coverage anyways.”

CNBC (6/25, Mangan) reports that while “the rate of people lacking health insurance has shrunk nationally,” there remains “strikingly wide differences in the uninsured rates of individual states.” This discrepancy is mainly because “some governors and legislatures refuse to expand Medicaid eligibility to include more poor adults.” Alabama Live (6/25, Diel) also reports.

Jeffrey R. Ungvary President

Jeffrey R. Ungvary