To deter from sending multiple communication regarding President Obama’s announcement on renewing 2013 health plans for 2014, we waited for a nod that New York would not be renewing 2013 health plans. Thirteen states have decided to move forward with renewing cancelled plans, and many will decide how they will move forward this week. Before we get to New York’s decision, a quick blurb on Connecticut and New Jersey.

Connecticut has stated, “The Department is carefully examining the full effect that this change would have on all Connecticut policyholders. The ACA is an expansive and complex law built on myriad consumer protections and any change deserves careful and thoughtful analysis.”

New Jersey’s current position, “New Jersey’s Insurance Commissioner Kenneth E. Kobylowski did not say how he planned to respond. “The Department is reviewing detailed information regarding [the Affordable Care Act] implementation… as outlined by the president today.”

New York Daily News states, “While the state Department of Financial Services has not formally said so, Cuomo’s comments strongly suggest that New York will not be going along with the President’s last-minute Obamacare fix, which theoretically allows people to keep their existing coverage for one more year.” To read the article in its entirety, click here.

Time Magazine reports a state official saying, “There is little incentive to make Obama’s fix in New York State with few problems on the website and the complexity involved in changing rates that were set back in July.” To read more, click here.

The New York Times quotes Governor Cuomo saying “If it is causing a problem for someone we will certainly look at it. Our program has actually been working well.”┬áTo read more, click here.

We will keep you posted with definitive and clear answers as this continues.

Jeffrey R. Ungvary

Jeffrey R. Ungvary