Exchange Notices/ACA Update

Do you feel like an inflatable tube man with all the information and news about The Affordable Care Act (ACA)? Well, sometimes we do as well.

Last week we sent you four Model Notices to assist with your obligation to notify your employees of the upcoming Exchanges. As I cautioned in my August 21st e-mail, we were hesitant to release these notifications so soon, as much is changing every day.

To this point, just after I sent the Notices, the DOL advised that employers do not face fines if they fail to notify their employees of the Exchanges – DOL release at this link. We still advise that you send the Notice to your employees to avoid any potential liability. In lieu of the samples I sent last week, you may choose to use the Model DOL notices are at these links:

Model Notice for employers who offer a health plan to some or all employees | en español | MS Word Format

Model Notice for employers who do not offer a health plan | en español | MS Word Format

If you like details, check out Kaiser’s great overview of Exchanges here FAQ: What You Need To Know About The New Online Marketplaces

Finally, when you see a news article please come to us with any questions you may have. We’ve read outlandish statements from both ends of the political spectrum and can provide a balanced and correct response to your inquiries and questions.