In an effort to better serve and create a dynamic experience for you, we have moved our emails to our new domain: You may have noticed that we have begun the transition already.

Moving forward, please update your address book with the contact information in the right side-bar and note that we will be sending and receiving e-mails from this address. We recommend saving these emails to your address books for future use and adding our domain to your accepted senders list.

If you’ve sent e-mails to our old domain, don’t fret, we are still receiving them. However, after December 11th, any e-mails sent to our old e-mail addresses will be lost in the internet, never to be seen again.

We look forward to continuing our paramount service! Look for additional updates and enhancements to come.

Jeff Ungvary
(646) 366-6640
[email protected]

Amy Cucurullo
Renewal Specialist
(646) 366-6641
[email protected]

Susan DelSorbo
Client Service Representative
(646) 366-6582
[email protected]

Melissa Lemishev
Client Service Representative
(646) 366-6738
[email protected]

Jonathan Marquez
Business Outreach | Marketing
(646) 459-6388
[email protected]

Marc Rodriguez
Employee Benefits Specialist
(646) 366-6613
[email protected]

Merce FalĂș
Administrative Assistant
(646) 459-6389
[email protected]